Snippet Library

Do you find yourself mining through old motions looking for legal standards and summaries that you wrote months or even years ago? Are you constantly pulling up old discovery responses in order to copy and paste objections into new responses? Do members of your law firm regularly send out emails looking for guidance on a legal issue that comes up all the time?

The Snippet Library can help. The Snippet Library stores and organizes bits of text that you frequently use in your legal practice. For example, you might use Snippets to store:

  1. the standards that you use when moving for or responding to summary judgment,
  2. the standards that you use when moving to exclude evidence from trial,
  3. the objections that you use when responding to discovery, or
  4. the results of legal research that you’ve done in an important area of law.

The Snippet Libary is designed to be a repository for all of the text that you know you will use in the future. The possibilities of using Snippets are endless, so stop searching through your old work product for the text that you need and start using Snippets.

Adding a Snippet to your Library

Adding Snippets to citeKeeper is simple. From the snippets page, click the “create new snippet” button. Next, enter the text that you want to store in the system and then tag it with words or phrases that will help you to find it in the future. Examples of tags that you might use are “MSJ” for a summary judgment standard, “MIL” for a motion in limine standard, or “objections” for discovery objections. Choose whatever tags you think will help you to track down the text the next time you’ll need it. Once you have entered your tags, simply click “Add Snippet” and your Snippet will be created.

Finding a Snippet in your Library

After you create your Snippet, it will exist in your Snippets Library. When you want to access it in the future, simply navigate through the relevant tags in the Snippets library until you find your Snippet. The process is similar to finding quotes in your tag library.


If you are not a member of a firm, nobody but you can see your snippets. If you are a member of a firm, other members of your firm can see your snippets (and you can see theirs). Your snippets are personal to you; if you switch firms, your old firm will no longer be able to see your snippets and your new firm will be able to see them.