A project is a way for one or more users to organize quotes and discussions relevant to a single topic. Projects are ideal for individual cases (where they would store authority relevant to the case) or for practice groups (where they might organize authority by topic, e.g., subrogation or malpractice).

The tabs in the upper right divide a project into several main pages: discussions, quotes, and administration.


A project has one or more members. Only members can view the quotes, comments, and discussions in a project. New members can be invited from the administration tab. Members do not need to be from the same firm; for example, an attorney might create a project for a specific case and then invite co-counsel from another firm to be a member. The two attorneys can then share information on that project but will not be able to see each other's activity outside of that project.


The discussion feature allows project members to talk about the project. Members can post a new discussion or comment on existing discussions. Discussions can only be seen by other members. Members of your firm who are not members of the project cannot see project discussions (or any other project information).


Projects can also be used to share quotes. An attorney may have hundreds of quotes in her tag library. However, only a small fraction of them are relevant on any particular case. One way to stay organized is to create a project for the case and then add only the relevant quotes to that project.

Adding quotes to a project is simple. Go to the quote details page of the quote you would like to add. On the left, you will see an "Add to Project" button. Click that button and select the project you would like to add the quote to.

Within a project, quotes may be organized by issue. For example, if you are defending a case where the plaintiff has alleged breach of contract, fraud, and defamation, you can create an issue for each cause of action and assign each quote you add to the project to the appropriate issue. This allows you to quickly view just the quotes relevant to a specific issue on a specific case.


The administration tab allows you to change project details, invite new members, or archive the project.